Dear Reader, I am a full stack web dev who with my favorite technology being React. Some of my hobbies include coding(I love to build new things.),D&D, antfarming, cooking, digital artwork, learning politics, writing,and gaming. As an entrepreneur I have owned two previous businesses, one being an online store, and the other being an office/home cleaning services. This experience has taught me how to be a good salesman,and how to handle myself in a professional envirnment. After spending 5 years in the navy I gained some new skills. Attention to detail, a strong work ethic(techinally my father taught me that, but the navy did reinforce it), and a strong sense of good customer service. I love to learn and I put passion into things that I enjoy, puttng myself into deep immersions in anything that I do. I enjoy giving my opionions(which I have a lot of) but I also am not a huge fan of arguing. As for my favorite programming language, I would have to say that it is currently typescript. My favorite framework would have to be React. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.