This is an app being built in React,Typescript, Java, SpringBoot, full CRUD , MVC project. MySQL database. Material UI for styling. RESTful API.

Tired of applying for a job, and getting those pre generated emails? With Job Hunter you can keep track of the jobs you applied for. Whom you contacted, company website, job posting and other data. You can leverage this to your advantage to reach out to people at the company.

Not only that but you can also track your interviews, so if your getting slammed with interviews then no worries, Job Hunter has you covered. There is a built in calendar, so you can more easily track the time of your interviews, whom is interviewing you, interview prep work, as well as the interview link all in one convenient location.

The jobs you’ve applied for can be easily tracked. There are two modes, all jobs mode and relevant mode (jobs you’ve applied to in the past 2 weeks , and also companies that have responded interest). Data is displayed in an easy to read manner in a card system. Filtering is handled either by job date asc/dsc, or company name a-z/z-a, you can also filter out by typing out a contact/company name.

Creating a new job is fast and easy, and takes less than a minute. There are tools to make filling out applications faster, such as copy/paste icons for Linkedin, Github, and your portfolio web site.

The app also tracks how often you are hunting for jobs, this way you can keep yourself accountable to be applying for the number of jos per week that you need to.

Github Repo: JobHunter Repository

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