Casino RPG:

Technologies: Python, PyCharm

This is a game I made that is a turn based RPG casino game where the objective is to defeat the level by acquiring a set amount of money to gain the right to fight the boss.

The following is the git repo:

Casino RPG GitHub Repository

The follow is what the game looks like so far:


Game features include using magic in order to gain an advantage during the games.

There are maps that the player can move around on.

Talk to NPCs

Rest up at the Inn, Buy items, and battle your way through the level

As you level up you gain new magic abilities and stat increases

Enemies sometimes cheat, and max betting can drain your HP faster so using strategy is key to winning.

Games Include:

  • Opossum In A Can
  • Black Jack
  • Coin Flip
  • Craps
  • Dice Fighter
  • Nuke em